Review of Best Coffee Grinders : Grind Your Coffee Beans In The Comfort of Your Home

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Jan 23

Don’t you love waking up to that fresh coffee smell lingering from the kitchen or that freshly brewed coffee from your favourite coffee joint when you are in the queue waiting for your turn to be served? I just love that smell.

There are a lot of steps that go into brewing a great cup of coffee, but the most important is the quality and evenness of your grind and this is also the start of your coffee experience. Thus a good grinder is a must-have for any coffee fan.

To ensure you have a tastiest cup of coffee, it is best to grind your own coffee beans. Therefore a good coffee grinder will make a difference when it comes to your brew.

Most people wouldn’t mind unscrewing a bottle of Nescafe for a quick fix but to get the best coffee, it has to be freshly ground brews. So how to grind the coffee beans? This could be done manually or with the help of a coffee machine.

Types of coffee machines   

Filter coffee machines This is the type where cold water is poured at the top of the coffee machine and there is a heating element to warm the cold water. The warm water then drop down through a basket and into a jug which keeps the coffee warm.
Capsule coffee machines The coffee capsule is to be put into the coffee machine. The capsule would be pierced at the start of this process. Hot water is then sent through it.
Percolators As the water boils in the water chamber, it is forced up a tube and down through the grounded coffee. The coffee will then be stored in a pot which rest on the heated base of the coffee machine.
Pump espresso maker This coffee machine would probably be a must-have for coffee drinkers. The boiler heats up the water to its optimum temperature for the coffee and then the water passes through the ground coffee at the correct temperature. This brings out the aroma and taste.
Bean-to-cup This type of coffee machine will grind the coffee beans and then hot water runs through the ground coffee.

The way how coffee beans are grounded will affect the flavour of the coffee. Therefore it is important to purchase best coffee grinder one could afford.

One could either purchase an electronic or manual grinder. Electronic grinders are the most common and the easiest to use and it take much lesser time to grind the coffee beans as compared to the manual grinder.

Types of coffee grinders

The blade coffee grinder has a motorised fan blade that spins in an enclosed plastic casing. The coffee beans are placed in that closed chamber. One just needs to grind the beans for a longer time if a finer ground is required.

The burr coffee grinder is deemed to be the best coffee grinder. The serrated steel components crushes the coffee beans into a uniform size and one has more control over the grind than with a blade grinder.

The best coffee grinder would have the following features

  • Amount of control of the grinder – some grinders do not have a control setting so one has to use her own judgement as to how long to grind the coffee beans. Some high end grinders have over 50 settings.
  • Amount of power – The motor strength is measured in watts. A grinder with lower power, for example 150 watts, will most likely to be replaced regularly when used often.
  • Automatic on/off switch – This feature is important for the coffee grinder to be switched off automatically after the grinding process is completed.

Best coffee grinders

One of the most value-for-money best coffee grinder is the Hario Skerton. It is easy to use and has a handle that fits nicely in the user’s hand. This hand grinder gets the coffee beans into consistent and evenly sized grind. The bottom glass container doubles up as a storage jar.

Another hot favourite is the Breville Smart Grinder. This coffee grinder has 25 grind settings and has automatic recalibration of the amount of needed coffee according to grind setting. The bean lid keeps the coffee beans fresh during storage.

The Baratza Virtuoso grinder is a perfect choice if you are a espresso drinker. It has 40 different settings ranging from fine to coarse grinds. The motor keeps the beans cool during grinding and the machine doesn’t produce much noise while grinding.

Barata Vario is considered a high end grinder. It is more than 200 settings. The machine grinds only the coffee required for each slot thus eliminating the risk of stale ground coffee.

The recommended most durable coffee grinder is the Rancilio Rocky. It has 55 different settings and has a high temperature overload switch to prevent any damage to the grinder .

Whether you are an amateur or professional, the Gaggia MDF coffee grinder will enable the use to prepare a perfect cup of coffee all the time. It has an automatic dosing feature that allows pre-measured amount of ground coffee to be dropped into the filter holder directly. There are 34 different settings and the large hopper can hold up to 10 ounces of coffee beans.

I started off with the Hario Skerton and it had served me well for 3 years. As I have moved up the rank from an amateur coffee drinker to coffee lover, I recently bought the Gaggia MDF coffee grinder. This is the best coffee grinder in my opinion. It took me 1 day to learn to use the grinder correctly. I like it that it is white and the colour blends nicely into my kitchen theme. It is so easy to have home-made espresso and latte. The bin hopper has a tight fitting lid that helps to preserve the freshness of the beans which means I do not have to add coffee beans each time I want to enjoy a great cup of coffee.

Now that you have enjoyed your cup of coffee, do you need a handy helper to help you with vacuum chores?

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