Finding that Ideal Baby Car Seat

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Nov 13

Car seats are an important safety item for any young family and as children grow, you will find the need for various types of car seats.

Types of car seat

Babies start out with a toddler car seat that faces the rear. This is the safest position for them, especially for the necks, the head and the spine in case of a crash happening. When the children get older, they can sit in a position that is forward facing.

After this, the child can then use a toddler booster seat which will lift them so as to ensure that the seat belt is able to fit as it should. Choosing an ideal car seat is never an easy thing. There are so many great types of car seats and there are even those that can be converted from one form to the next.

There are some basic categories of child car seats. They include:

  • Infant car seats that face the rear, ideal for newborns and babies
  • Convertible car seats that can either be forward or rear facing. It is advisable for the child face the rear until he is around 2 or when he is within a weight or height limit for the front facing position. These seats are much heavier and larger than the other child car seats. They cannot be removed and carried around as other types.
  • There are also three in one child car seats. These encompass the rear facing, the forward facing and the booster seat. This is a great seat that can actually be used by the child from the time he is born and up to the booster stage. This seat can be used facing the rear when the child is younger,  and then face forward when the child gets older and eventually, it can serve as a booster seat to lift him so he can wear a seat belt. This seat is meant to remain within the car.
  • The combination seats are a combination of forward facing and a booster. They aren’t good for babies since they don’t support a rear facing position. These are appropriate for the bigger kids who can face forward. They have a built in safety harness.
  • Booster seats are designed to boost the position of your child so as to allow the adult seat belt to lie across the hips and the chest but not on the tummy and back. The boosters usually have clips and guides to make sure that they stay in place. They come in two types including the high back boosters to support the head, neck, torso and rear. The second type is the backless booster which just lifts the child to a high position. These are much cheaper and can be transported easily too. Children can use this kind of seat up to an age between eight and 12 years.


Isofix seats

Seat belts and anchorages may differ with car since each car may different safety features on board. For instance, some seat belts are designed to be longer while others shorter. This makes it a hard thing to fit children. Isofix car seats provide a very easy and secure means of attaching the child seats within the cars.

The Isofix car seat is usually plugged into the corresponding fitting points within the car and this removes the need to adjust the seat belts to make it secure. A top tether or a leg support is incorporated to keep the seat from tilting or even rotating should any impact occur.

You should speak to the seat manufacturer to be sure that an Isofix car seat is appropriate for your car.

Maxi cosi seats

Maxi cosi car seats are where total safety begins. For many years, this company has been trying to come up with a very practical and easy ways in which children could be transferred with utmost safety using cars. The maxi cosi car seats are constantly tested to ensure that they are safe, convenient, comfortable and very easy to use.

Maxi cosi car seats allow you to enjoy travelling and relax as you travel with the family, even where you are in the company of kids.

Choosing the best

Selecting the best car seat is an important topic and an even more important consideration that all parents need to make. There are many things to consider when choosing the very best option for your family so take the time to make an informed decision for your family.

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