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Jan 23

It is tough for a mother to try to keep the house clean and tidy. Not every household can afford to employ a helper to help with the household chores. Not every mother loves to house cleaning! So what is the next best alternative? Have a vacuum cleaner at home! This is the secret weapon to get the house super clean and it makes the chores more bearable for most! This is definitely a trustworthy tool for all households!

Before vacuum cleaners became popular, the broom was the only thing one could count on for the sweeping chores. It is almost impossible to get rid of the dust that goes up in the air and eventually settle on the floor. What about carpet? No one cleans the carpet with a broom! This popular product is able to become a personal helper to help one finishes household chores in half the time.

Though everyone knows what a vacuum cleaner is, when it comes time to buying one the choices can be overwhelming. There are so many different categories, makes and models, all designed to serve a specific need for customer. So where does one even begin? This article will give you an overview of the different types of vacuums available and what their specific uses are.

There are various “best vacuum cleaner reviews” one could search from the internet. The best vacuum cleaner reviews in 2014 might not help you in your decision making in 2015. However one must note that what works for one parent does not necessarily work for another parent. Thus finding the right vacuum that suits one’s needs can be tricky and time consuming.

There are various factors that one has to consider in making a vacuum cleaner selection. Some may prefer the cordless vacuum cleaner while others prefer a portable vacuum cleaner.

There are many types of vacuum cleaners and each vacuum cleaner has different features. Most importantly, the prices vary. I have read many “best vacuum cleaner reviews” and here are some great tips that will benefit and guide you on choosing the best vacuum cleaner.

How to choose a good vacuum cleaner

The most important factor to take into consideration is the type of flooring at home. If one has carpet floorings at home, one needs to go for a vacuum with stronger suction power. If one has timber flooring, one naturally has to purchase one that has been optimally designed to work on hard floors. Thus it is wise to choose one that works on both carpet and floor surfaces. It would definitely save you money in the long term!

Another consideration is to ensure that the vacuum has a good filteration system. This is especially important if a family member is sensitive to dust or have young children at home. The air in the vacuum contains small dust particles and are harmful to the lungs. If the dust circulation is not good, the ultra-fine dust particles and harmful micro organisms will still pass through the filter.   There are various filterations options which include disposable filters, washable ones and water filters.

Price tag is also a factor to consider. One most likely to purchase one which suits one’s budget. There are many types of vacuum cleaners under $100 which makes it very affordable to “employ” this “mobile helper”! The range of prices of the various categories are tabulated below for ease of comparisons.

Price comparisons for types of vacuum cleaners 

Type of Vacuum Cleaners Price Range
Upright $50 – $1000
Canister $50 – $1300
Handheld $30 – $300
Robotic $250 – $1500

Durability of another factor one needs to take into consideration. One may need a heavy duty vacuum to clean up after pets or a robotic one which one could schedule them to clean the floors at a certain time. It is also important to check on the amperage, CFM (cubic feet per minute) and the warranty period.

The qualities to look out for good vacuum are 

  • Versatile
  • Suction power strength
  • Weight
  • Usability
  • Length of cord
  • Ease of storage
  • Ease of usage


Reviews of types of vacuum cleaners :

  1. Upright Vacuums

Upright vacuum cleaner has a vertical frame with a handle at the top with a dust bin at the center and a dust gathering system at the base. This is great for cleaning uncluttered floor spaces.

Top in the list for the upright vacuum cleaner review is the Miele S7580 Premium Class. It has the capability to clean all carpeting and flat surfaces, and it is also easy to manuever throughout the home.

Riccar Deluxe Brillance is second in the list. The Riccar is extremely durable because the moving parts are made of metal instead of plastic. This handheld equipment has great suction strength which is fantastic for cleaning hard-to-reach places.

Other recommended brands for this category of upright vacuums are Sebo Automative X4, Oreck Touch and Sebo Felix 2 Premium.

  1. Canister Vacuums

The canister vacuum has a long flexible hose and a motor which looks like a canister. The filteration system is also stored in the canister. The ideal canister vacuum cleaner should be light weight and easy to manuever.

Best performer for this category is the Dirt Devil Featherlite SD40100. This is a popular choice amongst vacuum cleaner reviewers due to the compact design and efficiency at cleaning bare floors. Instead of a dist bag which can be found in most canister vacuums, The Dirt Devil uses a dirt cup design. All one needs to do is to remove the cup at the bottom of the canister and empty the debris from the dirt cup.

The Dyson brand has always been a hot favourite amongst consumers. The Dyson DC39 Animal is great for picking up pet hair and dust. The piles of pet hair do not get tangled in the head of vacuum. It is a must for all pet owners.


  1. Handheld Vacuums

This is the most convenient type of vacuum. It is light and small which is ideal of cleaning up spills and interiors of vehicles. It is extremely handy when one needs to clean hard to reach spaces.

There are 2 types of handheld vacuums – corded and cordless. The corded ones are less expensive as compared with the cordless ones. Cordless vacuum cleaners are more portable and convenient as they run on rechargeable batteries.

Bissell CleanView Deluxe is a compact yet powerful portable vacuum cleaner that provides excellent cleaning ability. It weighs only 5 pounds, thus making it extremely easy to use it for extended time.

Pet owners will love the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser. It is designed to pick up small debris and pet hair. This is a good tool to keep pet hair under control in the home.

Other performers to consider are the Black & Decker CHV 1510, Dirt Devil Extreme Power and Dyson DC34.


  1. Robotic Vacuums

This type of vacuum is shaped like a flying saucer with various sensors. It will return to the dock when it has completed the cleaning cycle or when it runs low on power. The sensors are able to detect obstacles and find an alternative path to continue its vacuum work.

The best robotic vacuum cleaner is The Neato XV. The laser-guided navigation enables this helper to clean the floors in an efficient systematic fashion with its powerful suction motors.

The next best performer is the iRobot Roomba 650. It can clean for four hours and can navigate many rooms. The great suction power removes clingy animal hair and dirt from all carpets and hard surface floors.

Yujin iClebo Arte and Infinuvo Hovo 510 are choices which you might want to explore as well. All these names can be found in great “best vacuum cleaner review” sites.

Nobody wants to think about buying a vacuum cleaner. It’s the kind of expense we all dread having to put out. Isn’t a vacuum cleaner the kind of equipment you only buy once in a lifetime? Having said that, the vacuum cleaner is definitely a good helper to assist in keeping the house clean when one’s hands are full with other chores. Therefore it is really worthwhile to invest in one that meets your personal requirements.

I wondered, how will l ever really know if a stand up, robotic, or removable canister vacuum is the right choice for me? How could I make an intelligent decision without giving some of the models I was interested in a test drive? I figured my options were to go to the nearest electrical store that sold vacuums and test them out myself. But I wondered if they’d allow me to spill a bag of dog hair on their carpet to test. Or if they even have various types of carpets in vacuum stores for me to test on. Perhaps I should just buy the one I’m interested in and test it at home and return it if it wasn’t any good.

The above are some of the basic things covered when choosing a vacuum cleaner. Hope these tips can help you to find a good trustworthy helper!  If you are looking for a vacuum cleaner for pet hair, check our reviews here.

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