Best Robot Vacuum for Pet Owners

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Dec 06

Allergy Sufferers: Best Robot Vacuum for Pet Owners

Suffering from allergies can be tough, especially when you own a cat or dog that sheds hair like crazy. You probably often find yourself having to vacuum every few hours just to keep your allergies at bay. A great vacuum cleaner will be able to cut down on the amount of dust and pet dander that you inhale.


However, when you are away from home it becomes impossible for you to tidy up. Basically, meaning that you come home to a house full of pet hair that will only inflame your allergies. There is a solution to this problem and that solution is a robot vacuum. There are certain robot vacuum cleaners on the market that will target pet hair in general as well as clean dust and other unwanted particulates.

 Features for the Pet Owners

Some robot vacuum cleaners on the market will target pet hair with special brush bristles, and remove it through a high suction allergy filter. The special technology will ensure that the vacuum removes all the unwanted pet dander leaving you allergy free.

Thorough Cleaning

These styles of vacuums are very good at cleaning every square inch of flooring. They are specially designed to take the time to remove every last piece of dust or pet dander from any area. It is hard to find a vacuum cleaner that works well on carpet and hardwood flooring. However, some robot vacuum cleaners are very versatile, when it comes to different surfaces. The newer models of robot vacuums area capable of cleaning carpets, rugs, hardwood, laminates, tile, and even stone flooring.

You will not be able to notice a difference in any area. The newer model robot vacuum cleaners will clean the hardwood just as good as any other surface that it touches.

Great Cleaning Patterns

The newer models of the robot vacuum cleaners have a very organized pattern, in how they clean surfaces. They work in straight lines to ensure that they touch up on every surface and will even go back over an area if they did not remove all the dust or pet dander the first time around.

Battery Life

Most robot vacuum cleaners state that they have a battery life of 90 minutes. Unfortunately, this has been proven to be untrue in the past. However, the newer models have made major improvements in this area and they can in fact last the full 90 minutes.

The vacuums are designed with technology to recognize when their batteries are running low and they will guide themselves back to their charging base.

 Scheduled Cleanings

On some newer models, you will find a non-complicated user interface that will allow you to set up a cleaning schedule for when you are away from home. This will ensure you that you have a dust and pet dander free home when you arrive at your doorstep from a hard day’s work.


Getting rid of your pet is probably never an option in your mind. Instead get yourself a newer model robot vacuum cleaner to do all the work for you and keep your home allergy free.


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