Best Foam Rollers for Back Pain

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Mar 08

The New Year always brings with it vows of leading a healthier lifestyle and going to the gym which is why January sees a 33% increase in gym membership that drops by 80% by mid-February. However, those who do stick to it are forced to deal with the pain and soreness that comes with getting fitter.

This is where foam roller comes in as an unmitigated blessing for both warming up and recovery after an intense workout. It targets tense overworked muscles relieving tension and pain and helps increase flexibility and range of motions for a better workout. The best foam roller for back pain needs to be firm and effective in alleviating pain associated with workouts as well as have great overall value. Below are the reviews of the best foam roller.

The Best Foam Roller for Targeted Massage

The Trigger Point Performance Grid is a patented foam roller that differs from traditional rollers. It’s constructed using less foam with a multi-density exterior covering a hollow core. The distrodensity zone design of the Trigger Point delivers a targeted and highly efficient massage that is great for the avid fitness buff or individuals looking to ease back into working out.

The material holds up even with heavy regular use without breaking down or losing its shape, and can hold up to a 500 pound weight limit. Athletes, therapists, trainers and coaches alike praise its durability, compact size and targeted massage that is excellent for pain relief, muscle recovery and improving flexibility. It’s available at Amazon, and comes in different colours to suit your taste along with a free online instructional video on the best practices a 1-year warranty. The Trigger Point Grid comes in either a 13-inch or 26-inch version.

The Best Foam Roller for Muscle Massage

The Master of Muscle has become a favourite for athletes for providing fast relief after workouts. This roller, considered as a personal massage therapist, has an ergonomic design that incorporates dual pressure zones which result in better control and soreness relief. It also has a lightweight, portable and durable design in an aesthetically pleasing package. The lightweight material ensures that the roller can be your constant companion in the gym, and the dual pressure zones make it ideal for myofascial release which translates to a stress-free training session, as you can train harder and longer without injury.

You can also use it post-workout to massage the muscles and get them back to shape for the next time. The price is also very friendly and the company has included a guarantee whereby if you have an issue with the product they will provide a replacement plus a refund to help you get back to training injury-free.

The Best Foam Roller for Deep-tissue Massage

ProSource Sports Medicine packs a mean punch in a compact design. Ideal for self-myofascial release, it has a grid of grooves intersected with medium-firm bumps that provide density zones designed to stretch and massage muscle fibers. It also helps to relieve painful knots and increases an athlete’s range of motion to prevent injury during workout.

The multiple contact points are aimed at replicating a deep-tissue massage while the targeted pressure provides muscle relief, greater mobility and increased blood flow to improve performance. The density zones have been balanced to maximize users comfort and tailor a massage to one’s needs. The solid interior increases durability while the compact design makes it easier to carry around. It is also one of the best-priced foam rollers in the market and comes in a variety of colours.


Back pain can make you unable to work out and foam rollers will help alleviate the pain and prevent further injury. According to the testimonials, the Master of Muscle takes the cake as the best foam roller for back pain: Its deep tissue massage benefits help tremendously with the warm up and recovery phases of a workout. However, before using any foam roller, it is best to go for a check-up with your primary healthcare provider and get their approval to prevent exacerbating any existing condition.

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